Greek language lessons on Paros Greece

Is it all Greek to you?

•Are you a living abroad but you are dreaming of staying in Greece?
•Are you planning to come for holidays this summer?
•Do you want your kids to learn to speak Greek, the language of their grandfathers?
•Are you a language learner with a passion for Greece and the Greek language? 
Is there a better way to learn Greek,  than combining your summer holidays on the Greek island of Paros with a greek language summer course? A full immersion in language learning can help you also experience the Greek culture, history, local food and much more! And you will have the chance to practice in real life situations what you have learned in class! 

Γεια! My name’s Mona and I’m Greek. I’m a certified Greek language teacher with 10 years experience in language teaching. I live in Paros and I love it’s natural beauty, the tranquillity and buzz that this island can offer to you at the same time! 

I’m really passionate about teaching languages and especially my native language, Greek. 
So, all you have to do is just send me a message and let’s create together the course that fits you the best!
Come and enjoy Greece like a local!

See you soon!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Τα λέμε σύντομα! 

• Private or mini group lessons (max. 6 students) 

•Summer intesive courses 

• Online courses

So, come on over and let’s find the Greek you!