Se vedete e sentite il profumo di queste saponette vi innamorerete di sicuro!

Si chiamano Helleo, ed è un’azienda che fa delle saponette artigianali naturali, fatti di olio extra vergine di oliva biologico, prodotto anche esso da loro! Si collaborano con produttori locali per le prime materie, erbe come timo, camomilla, rosmarino, e poi anche miele e frutta, tutti prodotti locali e biologici di Creta, sempre badando al risultato finale, cioè un prodotto di ottima qualità!

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Helleo company welcomes all those who wish to follow a more natural, more qualitative lifestyle.

We are a family business with deep passion for the cultivation of olive trees and the pure products they give us. Full of vision and artistry, we bridge tradition with modern design. With respect to our past, we look to our future.

Originating in the island of Crete, centre of the ancient Minoan civilisation, in which the olive tree was considered sacred. With environmental awareness and respect to tradition we cultivate our grandfathers’ olive groves in the region of Viannos, Heraklion, near the Palace of Knossos, world known for its microclimate and exceptional olive oil. From our own organic extra virgin olive oil, we proudly produce the finest quality soap. And so, helleo was born.

Helleo soap is 100% natural and handmade from our own organic extra virgin olive oil and only pure ingredients. It is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, and is produced in small batches, ensuring all procedures and quality checks are followed to the letter.

Our blend for each recipe consists of unique raw materials of the finest quality. Our prime ingredient is the organic extra virgin olive oil which our family produces each year. In addition, we cooperate with local producers of premium products who have the same vision and passion as us. Thus, we harmoniously blend the Minoan olive tree and vine, the herbs of Hippocrates, the local honey, barley and fruit, creating soap of significant name and origin.

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