Christmas is almost here and it’s time to think about presents!

This is a post, or maybe a series of posts for all of you who are in love with Greece and Greek culture, and want to get for Christmas something GREEK related but don’t know where or what to look for 😞

Well, you are at the right place! Follow me and let’s find the BEST gifts that will remind you of your beloved place of holidays, where you left your heart, Greece!

All 100% Greek, designed by Greek artists!

A small reminder:

You have to know that in Greece presents are given on New Year’s Eve and not on Christmas Day, which makes it more relaxed considering the short time you have to decide, go out or buy online and send everything on time! That’s why the relatively late post 😄


Are you counting the days to come back to Greece? If so, here’s a really unique calendar that I came across! It’s a 2018 calendar of Greek patents and landmarks of Greek reality, by the awarded design agency Bob studio.

What does logic have to do with the evil eye? What about the student who never graduates with Greece winning the Euro 2004? Or Oedipus complex with fried cod fish served with garlic deep?

The answer lies in this unique 2018 calendar of greek patents and landmarks of greek reality, designed by the awarded design agency Bob Studio.

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